The Origin of Katana Partners

Many have asked the origin for the firm’s name, Katana Partners.

The purpose of Katana’s partnership with clients is to strengthen the effectiveness of organizational relationships and performance in a way that is sustainable and resilient to future challenges. Similar attributes exemplify the legendary Japanese katana sword. The metal and the forging process used in the katana sword is regarded as one of the strongest and most resilient in existence and the quality of the workmanship makes the katana sword timeless in its value.

Katana Partners was founded on the premise that an organization’s greatest performance opportunity and competitive advantage is its people.

We understand the enormous challenges facing organizations and leaders today. We also understand the foundation and positive differentiator for any organization is its people. While statistics show an alarming number of employees worldwide are not engaged, employee engagement and performance can be increased and continuously improved if engagement is managed as a business strategy and an integrated process.

At the core of our approach is our desire to help organizations, leaders and employees achieve a work environment that enables success. Critical to positively impacting engagement is understanding employee attitudes. Employee attitudes affect behaviors which, in turn, affect job performance. Employee attitudes are most directly impacted by the engagement levels and effectiveness of their immediate supervisor and leadership team.

If employee attitudes and behaviors can be understood and leaders at all levels can be coached to address employee issues effectively, employee engagement and performance can be improved substantially.

Our mission is to create success for your organization by building increasingly higher levels of employee engagement and individual, team and organization – wide performance.

Katana Partners proprietary approaches are proven and have been applied with consistent results. Our distinctive approach to employee engagement works well in any size organization, industry, geography or union/non-union status. Our expertise and our passion are creating new levels of financial and workplace environment success for our clients, their employees and customers.

Katana Partners is founded by Sue Oliver, former Senior Vice President, People for Wal-Mart Stores, US and CHRO for American Airlines, Inc. Katana Partners is a 100% woman owned business.

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