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2 Day Engagement Intervention in Highest Risk Location Transformed Client's Approach to Engagement and Created a Path to World Class Engagement Levels

Engagement survey results showed a sharp decline year over year.  The retailer was eager to turn these results around, but wanted first to identify root causes and targeted solutions to create lasting improvement.


Retailer’s lowest performing facility on engagement was selected for an in-depth 2 day on-site assessment and engagement intervention. Operational, leadership and work environment issues were examined. Interviews and feedback sessions with the management team and associates explored root causes and potential solution ideas.

Priority engagement strategies and a sequence of actions were recommended to demonstrate the retailer’s commitment to positive change. A number of new approaches, including values-based messaging, facilitated involvement and leadership development and accountability were put in place. To ensure plan execution success, leader tasks were examined and modified to promote more time on the floor with associates.


The engagement intervention approach and techniques were adopted at other key facilities to accelerate engagement progress. A tracking survey was conducted 4 months into the engagement plan to assess progress. Tracking survey results showed substantial improvement (+9%) in engagement levels and a positive shift in the numbers of highly engaged associates. The engagement intervention and resulting engagement plan launched a significant series of changes to address both short and long-term issues. Retailer has established specific improvement goals and strategies to move to world class engagement levels within 3 years.