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Supporting potentially controversial change initiatives with a balanced focus on successful leadership behaviors and program content created exceptional results.

Recent economic downturn required a change to customer service representative (CSR) performance standards and sales incentives. Owners were concerned about negative CSR reaction to new compensation structure and performance requirements, potential turnover of top talent and productivity declines. While each CSR could achieve more in sales incentives under the new plan, minimum performance requirements were higher and accountability measures were more clearly defined.


Coached owners through implementation of new compensation and performance changes, including plan content, messaging, conversation scripting, retention risk evaluations and contingency planning.


New performance standards and compensation structure were successfully implemented without turnover or negative impact on CSR morale. CSR debriefs demonstrated greater awareness of business challenges and recognition of business impact from individual performance and team cooperation. Within one month of implementation, more than half the CSR team met or exceeded new sales incentives and benefitted from higher compensation.
Within 3 months of implementation, the owners elected to incorporate an additional level of sales incentive to the compensation structure given the positive CSR performance.