Gain Competitive Advantage Through
Employee Engagement

Group Collaboration
Katana Partners unlocks the hidden value of employee performance through higher levels of employee engagement.

Katana Partners are experts at partnering and coaching with senior leaders, managers, teams and employees to increase employee engagement and individual, team and organizational performance.

Rotating Questions

We are practitioners with real world experience successfully working through these very challenges.

Katana Partners offers a unique approach to employee engagement by:

  • Focusing on the practical  through real world “How To” guidance and solutions
  • Being scientific about engagement by understanding employee attitudes and what it takes to positively impact and sustain engagement
  • Providing high impact, prescriptive strategies and actions based on the most actionable employee insights
  • Managing employee engagement as an integrated process to ensure successful execution and a continuous improvement cycle
  • Building internal capability to ensure progress is sustainable

Meeting your needs through customized solutions

Katana Partners strengthens your organization by partnering with you to understand your business, your issues, your culture, your marketplace and then tailoring our approach to fit your needs.

Whether your company is small to mid-sized or has a global presence, Katana Partners customizes its offering to benefit your needs.